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The One Show contacted The BBS in November 2013 and we agreed on a challenging and exciting boomerang world record. After a some discussion with other throwers, we thought the long standing World record of 'biggest Returning Boomerang' would be a nice one to try to achieve.


The previous record was held by the austrian thrower Gehard Walter (left) with the graceful and beautiful 'Highlander' The videos of Gerhards lovely boomerangs in is our video section. This monster was 8ft 6inches.


The design after much discussion and banter between Martin, Sean and Adam, was decided to be a large carbon fibre design, with a balsa core and foam end pieces.  The three worked together and Martin soon completed the record breaking 'Big Bird 1' Boomerang which was successfully test by him in March 2014


Because large boomerangs are are highly liable to breaking and very difficult to throw, Adam and Sean also attempted other carbon fibre designs and  wooden designs, and on the day, we took 4 to the London Oval cricket ground, which were the original Big Bird and 3 wooden ones


On 28th April Sean and Adam attempted an official Guiness World Record. The world record is taken from tip to tip and must travel 20m and return to within 10m of the thrower


The weather on the day was quite good, with light to shifty winds. It took 3 boomerangs and several throws to get the world record flight. It was fianlly achieved using the original Big Bird 1 carbon fibre boomerang. It weighed 1300g and was 9ft tip to tip! The boomerang suffered some damge in the attempt and now lives screwed to the outside of Martin's shed aka 'Boomlab'






























The Biggest Boomerang Ever thrown at 9ft

Gerhard ad_sean 4 WP_20150613_12_58_54_Pro

Sean and Adam

Gehard Walter


Marin takes  Big Bird 1 for its first flight

Other models are made from wood