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If you, like us are fascinated and love to throw boomerangs, then you are in the right place! Especially if you live in the UK.


We are a small group of friends who live in different areas of the UK. We are part of a bigger European and Worldwide community that has an online as well as a 'real' presence.


In the UK, several times per year (normally from May until September), we meet up for a great throwing session, plus a superb social.


At these meetings, we usually have a test of different skills, in the loose form of a 'competition'. Anyone is welcome to join us at these - even if you have never thrown before. We encourage and enjoy meeting throwers of all ages.


If you are competitive and enjoy a bigger challenge, some of us also try to get over to a couple of European events a year. These are also excellent fun, and with flghts to Europe pretty cheap,it needn't cost  a fortune!


The BBS was formed in the late seventies by a group meeting at the Horniman museum, South London.

The founding members included John Wray, Dr Elizabeth Goodhew and John Jordan, who was

anticipating the demise of SPAB (The Society for the Promotion and Avoidance of Boomerangs).

While SPAB were successful in at least one of their basic aims (avoiding boomerangs), the interests of

their membership proved to be a little bit limited. The BBS looked to a larger stage and since its' formation

 has made its mark in the International World of boomerangs in a variety of ways.

The Committee are at the core of the Society and consists of a handful of members that keep it raging

from strength to strength



Who Are The British Boomerang Society, and What Do They Do?


The Society aims to provide for all of the diverse interests of its' members. The BBS aims to provide for specific member interests, to further their enjoyment of throwing, catching making and generally 'ranging' around.

As well a publishing some articles on the net, the BBS also publish an annual magazine: The British Boomerang Society Journal, packed with upto date information - competition news, historical articles, biographical items, plans for boomerangs, boomerang reviews and so on. Articles are published first to members via the jounal, before appearing on the net pages.


Many designs are available to members, these are sometimes taken from overseas publications. The materials needed to make boomerangs can be hard to come by, so materials are often shared between members by informal agreements (e.g. aviation plywood and Paxolin) and can be cut to shape at cost price. New materials are constantly under review in the magazine and some are bought and made available for experimentation.


Individual interests are vary, the membership is a healthy blend of new and established members, adults and children who are all keen to share ideas. A full list of members is circulated to let you sort out your local contacts. Within our ranks are many casual throwers, a few dedicated throwers, some eccentrics, some great innovators, and some chronically addicted boomaholics, but what marks the genuine enthusiast out is their love of boomerangs and their willingness to share expertise and knowledge.


The aspects that grab people are different, and include :making, decorating, just watching them fly, competitions, wood working, Australian Aboriginal culture, indoor throwing, technical aspects of how they fly and others...


The BBS organise competitions to test your skill and designs held at Birmingham (early May), Harlescott in Shrewsbury (late June) and Trefriw, North Wales (late August), as well as other meetings and get togethers throughout the year. Any one with an interest in boomerangs is invited to these and overseas throwers also are particularly welcomly received, also please bring your family and friends, as the emphasis is on fun, good sportsmanship and encouraging all throwers. Aswell as being excellent competitions, the social side or "apres_boom" is second to none.


Lists of boomerang makers and suppliers are available. Most throwers get into making their own as this is cheaper and often better than buying boomerangs. There is a great satisfaction in making your own rang, throwing it and having it fly.





The BBS is indebted to the life and effort of John Jordan, who passed away recently aged 78. At his funeral his coffin was adorned with boomerangs, and a BBS T-shirt.


John was one of the earliest members of the BBS, and gave many years service. In the early days he ran the membership subscriptions, and he also edited and distributed the magazine for almost 15 years. He loved boomerangs for their own sake and was always interested in helping others gain the same amount of fun that he got from boomerangs. The area of his legacy that is most known to more recent members of the boomerang society are his excellent orange poly moulded boomerangs. These were great boomerangs for beginners, but could also give pleasure to the most experienced boomerang thrower, and they were also adaptable for left or right handed throwers. 


The world of boomerangs has lost one of its most enthusiastic supporters.

Thanks John, may you rest in peace.




Anyone is welcome to join us at these - even if you have never thrown before. We encourage and enjoy meeting throwers of all ages.

John Jordan

mixedcolourbooms french fuzzy

Olivier Chelmas - France

Viareggio 2013

Fuzzy boomerang

Used extensively for aussie round