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A really lovely field, kindly loaned to us by the nice people at the Technical college. very nice grass and size. Perfect.

The weather was kind in the morning, but afternoon saw strong winds gusting over 10mph.


A brand new format, tried pairing of stronger with weaker throwers, and it worked well, especially since we had 8 throwers, so 4 pairs. Also very nice to see Matt Buxton from South Wales, who threw very well on the day.


The pairs were evenly matched, and the final scores reflect this.

5 games were contested - Haccuracy, Accuracy, MTA accuracy, Fast Cacth and Aussie Round.


Adam/Sean - total 8.5 points

Mark/Matt - Total 10 points

Martin/Jill - Total 13 points

Jay/Russ - Total 18.5 points


Download our Games Scoresheet here






Shrewsbury 2015 Results


A great day - making maximum use of one of the longest days of the year

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