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  • Ages - From year reception to year 8

  • Recommended time for workshop from 1 to 2 hours (age dependant)

  • Prices - Available on request

  • We can tailor a session to your requirements.

  • This is an unusual and interesting fun session for children that schools love.


Example of a recent 2 hour workshop for year 6 pupils


  • Competition boomerangs examined

  • Cardboard indoor boomerangs designed and thrown in the school hall by children

  • Indoor foam boomerangs thrown by children

  • Competition for best design of boomerang (pre visit)

  • Boomerang made from raw material (polypro)

  • Boomerangs thrown on the school field.

  • Prize boomerang for winning design.




  • Introduction to competition

  • Tuitition and throwing

  • Mini tournament !

  • Can be tailored to your needs










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