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martin laslett

Since arrving on the UK scene in 1990, Martin has proven himself to be one of the most consistent and skilful UK throwers. He completely dominated the UK tournos for a long time, has won the gruelling Iron Man event 7 times, and is current Iron Man champion  . He is also a great encouragement to new thowers, and will experiment with many different materials and designs. On top of all that he comes up with the most creative and fun boomerang games in the world. Martin makes and supplies some excellent carbon fibre boomerangs, including a unique fuzzy design for Aussie round. He is based in Birmingham!


name: martin laslett


born :1966


nationality : British


first boomerang thrown : 198?


Personal Bests in Competition


Aussie round : 81 points


Fast catch : 23.74 seconds


MTA 100 : 53.81 seconds


Accuracy : 91 points British Record


Trick Catch : 73 points


Endurance : 47 catches


Long Distance : 103m

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