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I just met my first boom eating tree (and I hate it)! I was throwing an Ayr I got from the B-man made by Adam Carroll.


It's a little beauty that goes out 45-50 yds. in a pretty circular flight and returns nicely into your hands.......when thrown properly. I've been working on this one for a few weeks. Apparently it might go a little farther than 50 yds. because I know I was at least that far from the tree.


    On my last throw (obviously) I released it a little too low and watched it fly right into the middle of the only tree around. I uttered the obligatory curse (or string of curses) as I headed for the tree and started to look for it. I hadn't seen anything fall, so I knew it was up there.


After a few minutes searching and no luck spotting it, I decided to make the climb. As a kid I was a tree monkey, but I'm in my 7th decade, so I was a little reluctant and even wondering if I could still haul myself up to those first branches, which were above my head.

    I could, I did and got to a standing position. The foliage wasn't that dense so I thought I'd have no trouble locating it and shaking it down. But again, no luck even spotting it.


So I started applying a severe shaking (it would have been a severe beating, if I'd had a backhoe) to very single branch I could reach, which was all but the highest. (I was only wearing flip-flops, so I didn't want to get too extreme.) The only sticks that came out of that sucker were ones that formerly were an integral part of it. I must have spent 15 minutes in the tree and another 25 looking around on the ground in case it had fluttered out and continued to fly and I hadn't noticed it. No such luck.


    I'm going to put some sneakers on and take my son and go back. If it weren't in a public location, I'd take a chain saw with me. I'd feel better if I could see it and couldn't get it down. But not being able to locate it is upsetting (and ticking me off)! I hate that tree!.......To be continued.....


Well, I've been back everyday for the past week (except yesterday, when my son checked it out for me) with no positive results, except for the tree losing it's camouflage around my boomerang. But that didn't help me with spotting it anywhere, in the tree or on the ground. However, the questions of the leaves covering the 'rang on the ground or the maintenance crew doing one of their fall clean-ups and sucking up my poor Ayr became frightening possibilities. Should I bring a rake with me every day? Should I let them know what happened and risk being booted from the grounds? I was losing weight over the possibilities of what could happen.


   I went there faithfully again just a short while ago, before it started to become dark. I spent about 10 minutes searching those evil branches and directing nasty, threatening thoughts at them, to no avail. So I started to search the ground. And as I approached the trunk of the tree, I heard this slight sobbing sound in front of me. I looked ahead and there on the ground was my lost Ayr, shivering and crying to herself.


  As I took a couple of steps toward her, she saw me, hesitated for a second and then flew straight up into the air. She immediately began to fly circles over my head, going so fast that red, white and blue (her colors) sparks came flying off her and lit the sky! After about 15 seconds of this she went into a slow hover, came down and landed with her dingle arm in my back pocket and her lead arm pinching my shirt. I was grinning like a fool. We went over to the car, where I put her on the passenger seat and drove home as quickly as possible, to hang her back in her spot on the wall. 


    Thanks all for being concerned and helpful. I've learned my lesson and will never, ever throw anywhere near a tree again. (I still hate that tree.)


  Jimmy - USA - October 2010

Lost then found - Jimmy