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Long- distance boomerang (LD) is a fascinating sport, which I have practiced intensively for many years.


During the 2002 Swiss championship in Kloten I got to know Christian Schuster from Traunreut, who was also interested in long distance. He revealed to me his idea for the TV program “Wetten Dass”, to throw an illuminated LD boomerang around the television tower in Munich at night, and he asked me to construct a boomerang for this purpose. I was impressed by his idea and set to work. He later abandoned his plan. However, by this time I had already constructed the first LED equipped long- distance boomerang and was impressed by its performance.


The illuminated LD boomerang flight offers a fantastic visual display at night. The impression of UFO’s is immediately apparent. Although it is unusual to throw at night, it can be a thrilling experience. Suddenly, new opportunities arise and a fundamental limitation of the original sport is no longer an issue. The illuminated LD boomerang flight offers a fantastic visual display at night.



























Most participants of the sport will be familiar with searching for a boomerang following an unsuccessful throw, the new illuminating design means the boomerang can easily be spotted in the open terrain. Furthermore, a returning LED boomerang can be seen more clearly. Therefore, the risk involved (one of the biggest problems with LD boomerang) is considerably minimized. When attending tournaments the width can be determined both, faster and more exactly with the help of a peaking- station and goniometry.


It must not be forgotten that LD boomerang tournaments at night could also be interesting for the audience and media. In order to hasten the introduction of this new version of the sport and to ensure a rapid increase in the usage of illuminated boomerangs and colourful nighttime tournaments throughout the boomerang community, I now will describe the various steps involved in its development. This information is for private use only and I expect complete confidentiality. I am, of course, currently looking for customers and there will soon be a price list on Now enjoy and bring about a little bit of patience for Many happy shining returns…


Uwe Kitzberger - Germany - June 2008

night ld- uwe kitzberger