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20th September 2014

Birmingham - Shutlock Lane - Highbury Park

Weather - A Mild, grey day with perfect to calm winds!


Ah - the Iron Man. One of our favorite all time tournaments ? Why? A real test of stamina and fun - 7 events in one day. None of this nansy pansy afternoon lie downs. Iron man is its name, not paper mache man.


How fitting then, that the only four winners of this world famous trophy were the only competitors on this great day for throwing.


This was probably (and we are not joking) the best 'wind' we have ever had for a tournament in the UK - ever. It was very light (puffy) to calm for the whole day. Expectations were high then. Would the long standing record of Marks Endurance (52) be broken? Would Adam's fast catch record of 19.48s be broken? Could the Aussie round record of 89 be under threat.


The answer to these was...yes under threat but all records stand again. Mark had a great chance to get the Aussie round to 91, but his last throw netted 10 points only giving him 81. Mark was using a Light Blue renner that was almost as heavy as the Iron Man trophy itself. With a low scooping outward flight to 51m, this stalled its way back so accurately to the bullseye.


Adam, was on track to get over 50 catches for Endurance, but he couldn't hold it together and after dropping 5 catches that was another record safe again.


Fast catch - no one really came close to the 19s record, but Mark and Adam both managed a respectable sub 25s round.


Right up to the end of the day when the Tapir Terror was battled, the scores were very close. We had no idea who was in the lead!


The overall and deserved winner was Martin, who can now boast he is the only (Iron) man to take the trophy home SIX times !


A great Tournament with great friends.

At the same time in Copenhagen, our friends from Denmark Jens, Harald, Jan and Henrik competed in Danish Nationals - next year, perhaps we can get them all over here for a combined Iron Man!






ironman 2014


The BBS at the end of another great Iron Man event. 7 events in one day.

Jim Millar, Mark HL, Martin Laslett, Adam McLaughlin

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