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28th September 2012

Birmingham - Shutlock Lane - Highbury Park

Weather - Tricky medium winds, quite strong at times.


Ah - the Iron Man. One of our favorite all time tournaments ? Why? A real test of stamina and fun - 7 events in one day. None of this nansy pansy afternoon lie downs. Iron man is its name, not paper mache man.


Excellent attendance this year, and great to see Didier and Benoit from France and Nick from Perth, over here for family matters.


So what happened? Well, usual wind (that goes without saying) and a 7th 40m fast catch for 3 catches. It was pretty tough as the scores will show ... but we had a superb time.


Some nice photos on facebook.


The ridiculously heavy trophy was won by Adam, with Benoit and Martin in 2nd and third. Thanks to Martin and Deb for hosting a great event.




ironman 2012


The BBS at the end of another great Iron Man event. 7 events in one day.

iron_2012_scores benoit_iron_2012 iron_2012_winners iron_all_2012