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24th September 2011

Birmingham - Shutlock Lane - Highbury Park

Weather - Mixed winds


The one day event that is always planned to include the 7th Ironman test. What's that we hear you ask? Well its a crazy game that Martin may have thought up the day before, after his 5th pint of the brown stuff. Usually the rules are heavily weighted in Martins favor so we have to closely scrutinse his idea to make sure everyone else stands a chance. Ones things guaranteed though, it will be excellent fun.


Last years Iron event saw us doubling accuracy boomerangs  with a great win by Jim Millar, who hoisted home for the first time, the gravity bendingly heavy Iron Man trophy. This year due to the lack of throwers, a simple 2nd round of aussie round was thrown, but without the alternating throws required by normal rules.


Thowers this year were low in numbers, usual faces Andy, Adam and Jay were unable to unlease their forces in Highbury Park. Martin Laslett Mark Holman Lisney, Robbie, Sean, and Jim Millar put on brave faces and took it easy without jay and Adam biting at their heels.


Scores below -











Iron Man finished another windy season of throwing in the UK. Who knows - one year we may actually get a calm weather tournament.


It is rumoured that Adam is holding an event in Stevenage in the Spring 2012 - a one day event that may capture some of the great spring weather we have been having for the past couple of years....


ironman 2011



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Robbie,Jay,Andy,Will,Adam,Jim M,Martin,Jonathan,Jim R,Mark,Sean