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25th September 2010

Birmingham - Shutlock Lane - Highbury Park

Weather - Tricky medium winds.


The one day event that is always planned to include the 7th Ironman test. What's that we hear you ask? Well its a crazy game that Martin may have thought up the day before, after his 5th pint of the brown stuff. Usually the rules are heavily weighted in Martins favor so we have to closely scrutinse his idea to make sure everyone else stands a chance. Ones things guaranteed though, it will be excellent fun.


Last years Iron event saw us launching some beautiful throwsticks at a 6ft Kangaroo from a distance of up to 40 metres. Hang on animal lovers - it wasn't alive. Well, not after a few sticks had embedded themselves into its cardboard body. This years Ironman 7th event was throwing 2 boomerangs at once accuracy style. One is caught, the other is not. Where they land/are caught in the accuracy circle gets your score.


Forecase weather was for 14 mph winds. In reality we had swirly tricky winds ranging from light to medium. It was difficult for most events. You might have been lucky and got a minute of OK wind, then it bit again. However skys were (mostly) blue and it was dry all day. This field is surrounded on all sides by tall oak trees which can make judging the boomerangs throw, quite challenging.


However, some good and poor scores were all mixed in the pot, with a great win by Jim Millar, who hoists home for the first time, the gravity bendingly heavy Iron Man trophy.


ironman 2010

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