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All the games have been played a lot.  In the UK two of our national gatherings are dedicated to team games not competition.  These are brilliant and everyone enjoys them.  Many spectators and beginners join in too.

A lot of people have developed ideas and been part of the evolution of the games.  Most notable to the recent development of these games have been Martin Laslett, Jim Millar, Jens Krabbe and all of the British Boomerang Society for trialling them.


Any more ideas, please get in touch with the BBS. The links open a word document that has all rules on one handy document.






Game 1.  Accuracy


Game 2.  Haccuracy


Game 3.  Consecutive catch


Game 4.  Juggling


Game 5.  Trick golf


Game 6. MTA (Maximum Time Aloft)


Game 7.  Fast Catch


Game 8.  Endurance


Game 9.  Supercatch


Game 10.  Fast drop






Games with boomerangs

mart_silly_again iron_men_2014

Individual games

games with more than 1 person

Team games


One of our favourites - boomerang cricket!