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There is something sacred about a boomerang.


Our sport is intrinsically meditative. Throwing hard, calculating geometry, predicting position, the euphoric catch. The silent repetition

of throw-catch-throw-catch, the flying round and round, rhythmic outbound and inbound, hard breathing, total concentration. Boomerang induces in me the same meditative state that others might achieve through yoga, chanting, fasting or prayer. My mind, body and soul are engaged, nourished, and satisfied.


My new throwing field has brought some unworldly insights on why boomerangs may have been found in so many ancient tombs. I now fly on vacant land at the edge of a large cemetery. During their 200 meter circumferential flight paths, my boomerangs might have to overfly a few potter's graves, and sail within a hundred meters where bodies are crypted seven high in marble mausoleums, but I can position myself respectably away from the marked graves and their infrequent mourners.


Very concerned about the ethics/morality, full of apprehension, I first flew when almost no one was around. The tropical afternoon sun so hot and the humidity so high that even mad dogs and the English stayed home. The air was heavy but moving, a slight steady breeze coming my way from the general direction of the crypts.I threw my favorite Delicate Arch, first throw in the year since they bulldozed my favorite field. I had forgotten how silent boomerang is and I was glad not to disturb the living nor the dead. The moment the 'rang

started heading home in my direction, my heart pounded with joy and I felt like I was back in a favorite place.


A hundred throws later, drenched in sweat, all's right with the world, my condition euphoric. My body was happy for the exercise. My mind was relaxed from the repetition. My soul was the big surprise. With every throw, I contemplated my mortality, thought of my deceased loved ones, and prayed more deeply than I had in years.There is something sacred about a boomerang. I now know why the ancients buried themselves with boomerangs. Perhaps not as weapons, but rather I think that returning boomerangs were useful in communicating with the spirit world. Boomerangs are kin to the Prayer beads, Stupa, Tibetan prayer flag, Mandal. The boomerang is my rosary, my prayer wheel, my worry beads. Thank God for boomerangs.


denis eirikis USA July 2010.











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via_mta_sunset ma snow ss geese

Snow throw in Wales 2011

The carbonbooms duo after a great throw in Birmingham

Viareggio in Italy. Every October a fantastic beach Tournament, And every year, we usually throw

MTA with this wonderful sunset.