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I still remember the thrill when, having hopefully launched my omega boomerang at a water tower in Co Down, it miraculously appeared hugging the wall and triumphantly completed the circuit. So the idea of throwing around objects took firm hold.



In 1989 I found myself at the South Pole in company with  a research assistant, Jay Perrett, who had also caught the boomerang virus. What more natural than to throw my trusty omega around the South Pole.



So, I had the easy bit-to launch the missile. Jay had to start the stop watch, photograph the boomerang in flight, lay down the camera, run behind me, divecatch the boomerang and stop the stopwatch. No wonder he was breathless as he announced the result-1440 minutes and 9 seconds. Eat your heart out Adam, MTAs will never be the same.

Later the same evening (which lasted the whole 5 weeks I was there) we used the resources of the American base to develop our very first colour transparency film. We were on a winning streak as the attached shows.

south pole throw - bob reid

Boomerangs at S.Pole 2 copy bobreid