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As a medical student I spend a few months doing my elective at a hospital in Melbourne. On a weekend trip I took the train to Sydney to see the Blue Mountains, well prepared with a wooden MTA in my backpack.

As I arrived I was immediately looking for the main outlook platform. The travel guide described a wonderful and romantic spot more than 500m above the valley. This would be the perfect location for an amazing MTA throw.

Arriving at the platform all my hopes subsided. One or two hundred mostly Japanese tourists were scattered all over the place. Maybe I’d be able to launch a MTA before a guard could stop me, but unfortunately I had realised that a slight breeze was blowing from the valley towards the platform. No chance.


So I sat down and tried to enjoy my lunch. As I took another look at the travel guide my eyes stopped over a map I hadn’t paid attention so far. There were several trails close to the rim that would take you nearly around the whole valley. On of them ended at a small platform on the other side – back wind! Unfortunately it was marked with red which meant a strenuous walk (which I realized during the following days).

So I started rushing towards the trees and following the signs. The further I got the less people I met. I had to hurry up, cause it was in the middle of winter and the sun was about to set. No time to enjoy the waterfalls, trees and scenic views. Every outlook I walked by was too small, covered by trees or in the wrong direction. I finally got lost and already decided to return to the main platform, when a small opening between the trees caught my eyes. A platform not marked on my map. Approximately 2x2 meters, wind coming from behind and underneath several hundred meters of free fall. “Golf Links Outlook” was my boomerang heaven.




























 Do you know how that feeling. You’ve hold that new boomerang you only threw once two or three weeks ago and there is no practice throw left… I needed a perfect throw, not to high, not to low, not to strong, not to weak, what if it got bend – my hands were wet. Anyway, one, two steps and throw. S***, much too flimsy and vertical. The MTA immediately loses 20m of height and dances dangerously. Please! Stabilize!

The swinging gets less and I watch it still losing height rapidly. What a stupid throw. The first minute passes by and it looks like the boomerang is close to touching the trees. A stunning view that might last a few more seconds. I never watched a MTA from above, magically dancing and rotating through the small turbulences. Two minutes are gone - amazing. Two thirty – speechless. Three minutes. 3:07 sudden interruption and lost in a sea of green.

I’m tired, my legs are ACHING and I need to sit down. I watch the sun set behind the mountains and a small smile forms on my lips – I will come back.


Alex Opri - Australia - December

blue mountains MTA - alex opri

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