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An unbelievable flight.


I had planed to resume my throwing this year during this Easter weekend. Unfortunately, it is rather snowy today. Going through my little boomerangs collection, however reminds me of that unbelievable flight, on Easter as well, a few years ago.

It was in 1999, I was still at university in Colchester and on that Sunday, I woke up quite early and all my flat mates were still sleeping. I was a bit bored but it was quite windy, so not a boomerang day... Well let's try anyway.

I looked though my bag and found 2 that may be able to cope on that day. At the time, I thought that the only way to cope with wind was that they had to be quite heavy so I took my trusted Spinback 55 and my Challenger III. If this one did not work, it was time to go home. Oh and I had been told that Buzzwhips did well in the wind so I took mine for a try as well.





















Arriving on the field, the blustery wind was very obviously coming from the West as usual and I had no problem finding my marks: centre circle of the usual football ground, the one without goal posts, aiming towards the corner of the library. After a couple of throws with my Spinback 55 which I had to retrieve WAY behind me, I decided that I was warm enough for the heavy artillery, well I had no other choice. Out comes the Challenger III. Back to the centre circle and I don't seem to have much more success with this one. After a few tries I am already out of the football field and in the next one. Really not a day for throwing. I'll just have a go with the Buzzwhip, just to see, and back home.


At the time I hadn't had many opportunities to throw this one and didn't have many marks for it so instead of going back to the centre circle which was now quite a way, I decided to throw from where I was, aiming, as always with this rang, to the ground 50-100m away. This was definitely a mistake. The rang went straight out and did not start to climb. I was already thinking that it was not too bad as it went straight in the direction of my flat. I'll pick it up on the way. But then the flight path started bending to the left, still not rising. Now I would have to walk. I saw it flying behind the football goal in the next field but it was below the crossbar. That is, way too low. But it was still flying, and actually now coming back towards me. The walk would be shorter. Actually it was now about 1/3 of the way back but it was really slow. It would be on the ground any time now. That is when I was suddenly rescued by a gust of wind that made it rise to about 8m in the sky and now flying quickly. Now it looked like I would have to walk quite a way back again but the wind died just as the rang was flying above me. 3 steps backwards was all I needed to catch the Buzzwhip. AMAZING!

That was great! I tried again, and again. But it was definitely a fluke. The Buzzwhip does cope with quite some wind but does not usually fly like this. Later that day, I went to measure the distance between where I threw and the goalpost behind which my rang flew. 120 m!!! All this with the first 2/3 of the flight below 2 m high. I like these low flight at 30 m but at 120 m it is a very different experience. AWESOME!!!


low and long ld  - arnaud ameil

boomerang_heaven_bob_reid_clip_image002 boomerang_heaven_bob_reid_clip_image004 boomerang_heaven_bob_reid_clip_image006

Over the next few months, I always took my Buzzwhip with me. I got quite good at it but it never happened again. A couple of months later, I had an other rogue gust of wind. But this one threw my Challenger 90° off course , never to be found again.

boomerang_heaven_bob_reid_clip_image008 arnaud