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I must tell you about the most incredible 30 minutes I have ever had with boomerangs. A couple of days ago I lost my best MTA, whilst out with Ollie. It flew away after a minute - hopelessly lost in some woods, I was absolutely gutted. I looked for it for a long, long time, but it was almost impossible . Looking around all the leaves, bushes and stuff beneath the canopy, it was clear I needed a miracle. I didn't even know which tree it went into, since it flew quite a way into the woods.

Obviously been on my mind a bit. So I tried the power of visualisation.


So 2 days later, off I went to the woods. I had been in there for perhaps 1 minute, and I walked directly up to the MTA. There it was lying on the ground, as if placed there by fairies. Clearly visible. How it fell through the canopy I have no idea. It was an amazing moment. I got a weird look from a dog walker as I let out a whoop.


Onto the field then. A 5 min warm up with accuracy. Then MTA. Conditions are very nice. Light to barely no wind. Warm. Sunny. Perfect.


First throw - 40 secs.

Second throw - 32 secs

Third - 1 minute 4 secs

Fourth - 41 secs


Gulp, I am getting genuinely worried about it flying away again, so swap it with another I have just made. This one is 14 g, but I havent been able to get good height. So before I went out, I ran it under a hot tap, and gave it a little -ve anhedral.


First throw - 56 secs . Blimey.


Second throw - 1 minute 5 secs. Holy #### !!


Third throw. Good good height, stabalises nicely.


And hovers .....


and hovers .....


and hovers......


At one stage a dog walker stopped with me and we both watched it, as it floated a mere 15 meters of the ground. At this stage alone it was the most odd and incredible MTA flight I have ever seen. It just sat at 15 meters high  for nearly a minute. Staying in the same place and hardly drifting. I kept on laughing and saying OMG over and over. It was so low, I could almost hear it. It was freaky. The minute seemed to last for ages.


Gradually it came down slowly and I caught it only 30 metres from launch point.

Time in air .....



2 minutes and 43 secs.


Someone pinch me please.


I packed up and went home a happy man.


Magical evening throw



The other session that really sticks on my mind, was one evening in Trefriw.


Jay, Martin, and me plus our kids, were in the field used at the weekend previous for the tournament. It was an absolutely still evening, about 1 hour of daylight left, slight chill in the air.


We were having an MTA throw off competition.


As the daylight dwindled, this amazing chest high mist started to roll gently towards us. The kids were laughing and running through it, while we continued to launch our MTA's upward. It was a really magical and quite a special moment, as the mist, still really low, floated around us and we continued with the MTA's. It was like a scene from Lord of the Rings. We only stopped when it was getting so dark we were losing sight of the MTA's.


Adam McLaughlin - UK - June 2007

freakish MTA flight - adam mclaughlin