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When the force that is Martin Laslett joined the UK boomerang scene, it wasn't long before he teamed up with other Birmingham resident  and thrower Jim Millar to propose the Midlands as a regular spot on the calendar.


Held at 'Marts Mums' field at the beginning of May but (not) to maximise the chance of wet and windy weather. It has also been known to be nice on occasion!


Windermere Road Park - Google Map co-ordinates

52.438667, -1.868772


Winners role call


1998 - Jim Millar

1999 - Sean McKenna-Slade

2000 - Jim Millar

2001 - Lorenz Gubler (Sw)

2002 - Lorenz Gubler (Sw)

2003 - Jay Butters

2004 - Martin Laslett

2005 - No records

2006 - No records

2007 - No records

2008 - Mark Holman-Lisney

2009 - Jim Millar

2010 - Adam McLaughlin

2011 - Adam McLaughlin

2012 - No longer a tournament. Team games.

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Jim Millar, Adam McLaughlin and Martin Laslett

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