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Sunday morning, 8 o'clock, I wake up early this morning. I take a look outside, how is the weather today ? Nice, no wind... !


What shall I do ? Playing guitar ? Watching TV ? Going back to bed ?

No, it's time for me to go to the field and try some new MTAs (finished yesterday). Just a black coffee, no sugar no cream, and let's go.


Ok, here we are. I begin my warm up (smoking a cigarette and throwing the reversible rang I bought to the last auction of BBS in Trefriw) and ask myself : What should I throw ? It could be a good idea to train Trick-Catch, correct? Yes, so let's go for trick catch... A few throws to adjust the tunings and let's go.

Wonderfull conditions, I catch a lot, even the foot catch. But when doublling time comes, I change my idea and decide to test my MTAs.


None is tuned so I take one of my 4 new K7 in 1.7mm pax and begin to give it positive dihedral and positive incidence one leading edge and negatine on the other. First, second and third throws are for arranging the tunings. The 3d one is correct so I decide to give a lot of power to see how it flies.




















So, I throw it strong and it climbs very high and as it reachs his maximum level, a thermal takes it and it begins to climb and climb...I run after it but it goes to forest direction and I hear it touching leaves and falling. It flies more than 2 minutes and I run 4/500 meters.I try to search it but don't cannot find it.


No matter, let's try another one. I take 3 throws to give the good tunings and make a strong throw on the 4th one. Exactly the same than the previous one. It climbs higher in the thermal and takes the same direction of the forest. I do not run after, just look it disappearing in the forest.


So, it's gonna be the 3rd one. Let's tune it and throw. Incredible, still the same. As soon as I got a well tuned one, it takes the thermal and takes the way of the forest. This time I run and try to hear it knocking on the leaves of the trees.  I hear it but do not see anywhere.


I'm now disapointed. Should I continue ? I've got one more K7 but all are the same, I think it will be like the others and that I will lose it. I prefer taking an old highlander Mta, allready tuned and heavier because in 2 mm. First throw is correct and time is nearly 30s, and it does not take thermal. I try a last strong throw with it and I will go back home after because I just drink a black coffee, eat nothing and I begin to be hungry (and tired of runing...). I throw the last one strong and it takes a thermal and does like the others, climb higher and higher and goes to the forest. I decide to stop for today, 4 lost MTAs is enough. I don't know how I feel, sad to loose some booms or happy to see them going back to wildness. I prefer thinking that it was their destiny to rejoin the clouds...


The day after, it was a very windy day so I decide to go to the forest for having a look on the floor under the trees, in order to find my booms. I saw one, stuck in a tree, 6/7 meters high. I decided to let it there, one day he shoud fall....


Christof Tourniez - France - 2008




4 lost mta's in 1 session - chris tourniez