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I was born in Sydney Australia in the year of 1943.

My father introduced my sister brother and me to boomerang throwing in October 1945.


My Father (Cecil) was British born - in Ipswich in 1902. Cecil was an aerial gunner in the RAF during WW1.  It was was not long before my father was promoting boomerang throwing with his children as the stars.


Brother Jack at age seven was teaching United States of America servicemen how to throw. They were visiting Sydney after World War 2.



















In the early fifties my father started to incorporate basic competitions into our exhibition throwing. 1962 was the year that my father produced a how to throw brochure with words and pictures. Four basic competitions were outlined. The intention was to cover the basic facets of boomerang throwing.




















Boomerangs seemed to be the only time where my father brother and I were united.

In 1970 Jack and I competed in our first open competition organised by the Boomerang Association of Australia. We realised that the boomerangs we had did not suit the main contest that determined the champion.


In 1975 I was invited to compete in a Boomerang Competition organised by the Australian Boomerang Association. This was where I met the late but great Bunny Read. The venue was at Burwood Sydney NSW Australia


In 1976 I was ready to go back to compete with the BAA at Albury. I was now ready for their premier contest. I won that year, and followed with wins in 1977 and 1978. In those infant years of boomerang contests I set many BAA records. I was introduced to a young man during that time. I gave him a boomerang so he could be more competitive in the BAA’s premier event. Rob Croll of Melbourne has gone on to be a very competitive thrower and has a passion for boomerangs.


In 1981 I was part of the United States Boomerang Association Versus BAA contests

As a result of that group of tours Ben Ruhe acclaimed me to be the best boomerang thrower in the world at that time.

I was invited to compete in the 1982 USBA contests.

What was the result of my 1982 boomerang tour? I set a record for the Boomerang Juggle Catch contest. Plus…..



In 2003 at age sixty I came first in Rapid Catch at the BAA National Competitions competed for in Albury New South Wales.


I was presented with a boomerang Birthday cake, and given recognition by the BAA as a Living Legend of boomerang throwing.


I have been involved in boomerang competitions at both national and international levels for thirty eight years. 1970 to 2008.



My one and only win in the World Boomerang Cup format was for Individual Accuracy while in Japan in 2006. My score was 88 points from a possible 100.


I am writing this small overview at my boomerang life in July 2008.


Yes I am still involved in; Boomerang contests, Teaching boomerang throwing and making, Design and creation of boomerangs.

Bob Burwell - Brisbane Australia - July 2008


38 years of throwing - bob burwell

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