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These are three of my favourites :


Amstelveen, Holland, 1998?:


This was the first tournament I had been to outside Britain as I had only been throwing for about a year. We were resting at lunchtime in the bar in the middle of the Amstelveen sports complex. Jurg was out on far end of the field and threw an MTA and people in the bar gradually became aware that this was no ordinary flight. After about 30 seconds more began to stare, by about a minute everyone in the bar was watching it. The MTA was probably a Rombladt and had stabilised and was rotating slowly, sometimes rising, sometimes falling. It gently moved from one end of the field towards the bar, at one point coming down to eye level with the bar and then rising and going over the end of the building. Jurg finally caught it in the back field. I am not sure how many minutes it was flying, but I am sure it was the longest flight I have ever seen.


Besancon, France, 2006:


This was the first time I had experienced throwing boomerangs in a gym. Prior to this experience I had thought of indoor boomerangs as being cardboard boomerangs but here I experienced the pleasure and excitement of being able to throw boomerangs in completely controlled conditions without having to worry about the wind. These boomerangs were light polypropylene boomerangs that travelled about 12 metres but due to the lack of wind it made fast catch so much more fun. After 10 years of throwing boomerangs this was something new. I do hope indoor boomerang competitions start to catch on as this can be really exciting.


European Championships, Pengwern, North Wales, 2007


This took night boomerangs to a new level. The long distance boomerangs were amazing. The speed at which they went out and the hover at the end before they returned looked just like UFO's are meant to. I became determined to build some and increase the number of UFO sightings in the North Hampshire area where I live. Happy flying !



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