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The Japanese Samurai have pulled off an incredible feat and have won the Team events at the 2014 Perth World Championships. Final confirmation eventually came at the end of another exciting world cup.


When you consider who they beat to do this, you will realise that full respect is to be given. Rumours are that they tied with Boomergang, so the rules mean that Japan are the new world champs.

No doubt a fantastic battle, with the defeated teams of America (Bower superstars and Logan Broadbent), Boomergang (Worlds Top throwers of Manuel, Andrea, Lars, Stephan, Alejo and Ale) the mighty Dreckhecken and others. Well done Takeshi and team.






























New World Champions ! Perth 2014

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Oh to be young again .. Logan Broadbent doing his thing..

And.. Sonia Appriou from France, showing that she can do better

Andy Furniss from GB and some friends he met down the pub

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